Additional Praise For: Shambles


How to describe the heroine of Debra Monroe’s novel? A female Huck Finn, that’s what she is. Delia Arco possesses all of Huck Finn’s winning traits: grit and good humor; that furiously funny take on life; and above all, his stubborn moral streak.

Sharon Oard Warner, author of Deep in the Heart


An intriguing, expertly crafted tale of outsiders coming together, for evil and yet also for good.

Austin Chronicle


Debra Monroe writes about people who live on the fringes of society with so much compassion and so much detail, she leaves us wondering who draws those lines in the first place. Her prose is like fireworks, bright, layered, surprising. A smart, funny, wry, and winning book.

Pam Houston, author of Cowboys Are My Weakness


Debra Monroe’s work is about power—the power of her visceral, honest language; the power of large people over small; and the power of the tormented to take hold of themselves and, instead of being led by circumstance, to lead their lives.  This novel merits round after round of applause.

Frederick Busch, author of The Night Inspector and Girls: A Novel


Shambles is rich in character. All herein, “real, needy, confused,” are full citizens. We know them top to bottom, their secret selves, their run-down dreams and 86-octane hope. The talk between these folks is elliptical, roundabout, skewed by desire and fear, forthright, and as much like life as what will blare out of the radio today. Beguilingly arch, wise and droll, Shambles is as choice as life itself.

Lee K. Abbot, author of Wet Places at Noon